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Leading Transformation: A Journey of Passion-Driven Change

As I reminisce about my journey in dentistry and the transformational path of clear aligners, I am reminded of the profound experiences shared at the recent Invisalign Summit. Eight years ago, I stood on the same stage, a winner of the Invisalign Shootout. Today, I return not just to share a story but to reflect on the evolution of a field I am deeply passionate about.

A Love for Dentistry and Change

My love for dentistry, Invisalign, and the impact we can make in our patients' lives is at the heart of everything I do. This journey is fueled by love – a love for our profession, our teams, and our patients. It's about caring deeply and striving for the best outcomes for those we treat.

Decades of Transformation

With over three decades in dentistry, I've witnessed incredible changes. The importance of a smile has never been more prominent, and our access to technology, education, and opportunities is unparalleled. Digital dentistry, a concept once non-existent, has revolutionized our practice, offering us tools like Invisalign, which I have been working with for over 20 years.

Building Clinical Confidence

My journey in orthodontics began with a desire to treat my son, which led me to overcome barriers and build clinical confidence. This process involved committing time, learning, and hands-on experience. It was a pursuit not just of perfection but of significant improvement for my patients.

The Invisalign Catalyst

The introduction of Invisalign marked a pivotal moment in my career. It represented a shift from analog to digital, transforming my practice and shaping my future in dentistry. It was a leap of faith into a world of endless possibilities, a decision that was not only about clear aligners but about embracing a complete digital platform.

The Role of the Dental Team

The success of integrating clear aligners into a practice is highly dependent on the team. In my journey, my team played a crucial role. They were instrumental in creating an experience for our patients, an experience that goes beyond treatment to how patients feel in our clinic.

Ortho-Restorative Dentistry

I advocate for integrating tooth movement into general dentistry, transforming the traditional role of a general dentist into that of an ortho-restorative dentist. This integration is key to performing better dentistry, being more conservative, and achieving minimally invasive outcomes.

Conclusion: The Art of Transformation

As we look forward, let's remember that we are more than just dentists; we are artists, life changers, and architects of confidence. Our role is to ignite the world with the transformative power of the smiles we create, cherishing and loving what we do.

Let's continue this journey of transformation together, embracing the changes and advancements in our field with passion and commitment.

Revisiting Our Shared Moment

I warmly invite you to revisit our shared moment at the Invisalign Summit by watching the presentation on The CLEAR Institute's YouTube channel.

Responsive YouTube Video

Let it be a source of inspiration as we unite to lead the transformation in dental care, fueled by our collective passion and love for our profession.

With the dawn of a new year, let us renew our commitment to excellence, to innovation, and to each other.

With heartfelt wishes for a transformative year,


Dr. Stephane Reinhardt
Director Education program, The CLEAR Institute


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