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The Underestimated Power of Molar Derotation in Space Management

When it comes to fine-tuning the perfect orthodontic treatment, the pivotal role of space creation is well-known, yet within this realm, the technique of molar rotation often slips our minds....

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Leading Transformation: A Journey of Passion-Driven Change

As I reminisce about my journey in dentistry and the transformational path of clear aligners, I am reminded of the profound experiences shared at the recent Invisalign Summit. Eight years...

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The problem with expansion using clear aligners

Have you tried expansion with clear aligners? How is it going for you? I’m not talking about real expansion where we open the suture. Something we do with fixed appliances...

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Clear Aligner Hiccups: We've all been there!

Have you ever felt like you're the only one facing challenges with clear aligners? Think again! Clear aligner treatments have revolutionized orthodontics, offering a more aesthetic and user-friendly alternative to...

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Using clear aligners and elastics: a great combination!

Since the introduction of elastics in orthodontics by Calvin Case in 1892, they have proven to be a valuable tool for achieving effective tooth movement. With the rising popularity of...

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Can we treat kids in mixed dentition with clear aligner?

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment for Kids Can we treat kids in mixed dentition with clear aligners? That question is often asked. Will children wear the aligners? The answers:...

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CLEARly aligned with your informed consent

Welcome to the world of dentistry, where “informed consent” is the buzzword that you must be familiar with. If you're a dentist using clear aligners in your practice, then you...

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Problems, Consequences and Solutions

I have been practicing as a general dentist now for more than 30 years (I know, it's a lot!). I integrated orthodontics into my practice for more than 20. I...

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How SMART resolutions lead to brighter futures

As the new year starts to unfold, many of us take this opportunity to start fresh and look towards our goals  and objectives for the year ahead. If your goal...

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