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1. MOCA 101 online program: 12 courses, 365 days of access 24/7, 32 CE credit hours
2. 10 Zoom sessions of 1 hour during the year you have access to the MOCA 101 program. All are recorded and available to you for review on your private user access on The CLEAR Institute's online learning platform.

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Introduction to clear aligners: FREE

Clear aligners are here to stay! But is it for you? Are you wondering:

- What can clear aligners do for me?
- Why should I incorporate them in my practice?
- How can I gain confidence to treat patients with clear aligners?

If you ask yourself these questions, if you are not sure that you should invest time and money into integrating clear aligners in your practice, THIS is the course for you!

Whatever we integrate in our practice and in our life, every time we make a decision, we have to spend some time in the learning curve. It will not be different with clear aligners. But these things, these principles, can be learned!

The objective is to give you all the information you need to be able to take the right decision for you, your practice and your patients by answering the question: Are clear aligners for you?

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There has never been a better time to integrate clear aligners in your practice!

Become a MASTER Of Clear Aligners

The C.L.E.A.R. Institute is where dentists make their move towards their mastery of providing their patients with comprehensive treatment for malocclusion and integration of clear aligner therapy into their practice treatment offerings.
The C.L.E.A.R. Institute has accompanied thousands of dentists on their enjoyable and profitable journey towards understanding clear aligner treatment, bringing them the confidence that clinical and financial success are possible with aligners in an efficient, successful manner.
Make the MOVE with us toward proficiency and confidence to offer clear aligner treatment to your patients.

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Your interest in the education program of The C.L.E.A.R. Institute makes us happy!
By sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion, we helped more than a thousand dentists to:


clear aligners in their daily practice reality.

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M.O.C.A. Program objectives

With more than 60 CE hours of online courses, the MOCA 101 and 201 programs will give you the foundation and fundamentals of clear aligners, as well as the principles you need to master and gain enough confidence to integrate clear aligners successfully and efficiently in your practice.
Whether you have experience or not, you will benefit from these programs. Once you register for a course or a program, you have 365 days of access to it, 24/7. Learn at your own pace!
This is for those who want to take control of their cases!

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M.O.C.A. Essentials
M.O.C.A. 101 - Clear Aligner Principles
M.O.C.A. 201 - Mastering Clear Aligners
Introduction to clear aligners: is it for you?
CLEAR MembershipCLEAR Membership
M.O.C.A. 101 - Clear Aligner Principles
M.O.C.A. 201 - Mastering Clear Aligners
M.O.C.A. Essentials
M.O.C.A. 101 - Clear Aligner Principles
M.O.C.A. 201 - Mastering Clear Aligners
M.O.C.A. Essentials

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