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Clear Aligner expert, Germany, Austria, Switzerland et Asia

Michaela SEHNERT

Dr. SEHNERT, DMD finished top of her class and graduated from the University of Leipzig in Germany. As soon as she started working, she developed an interest in Clear Aligners and to what it could bring her practice and her patients. She has been one of the most successful dentists integrating clear aligners in her comprehensive dental practice in Europe.

She is the top lecturer for Align Technology in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Asia. She is a true example of how to successfully integrate this amazing technology in a busy comprehensive dentistry office reality. She joins the team of the C.L.E.A.R. institute's speakers where she will put all her energy and passion to help you succeed like she did.
The C.L.E.A.R. Institute

The NEW generation

Full of energy and determination, Dr. Sehnert will share and transmit her passion for quality comprehensive dentistry on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. She is a fantastic inspiration for any dentist or team member who is starting their journey with clear aligners, They will be able to relate to her and her reality.
Michaela is also the co-host in the C.L.E.A.R. FAQs videos series with Dr. Stephane Reinhardt, available for viewing on The C.L.E.A.R. Institute's YouTube channel. Don't hesitate to subscribe now.

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Our Educators

Cumulating more than 50 years of experience with Clear Aligners, our educators have only one goal: To provide you with the confidence you need to treat your orthodontic cases with clear aligners. Their mission is to make you as comfortable proposing Clear Aligners treatments to your patients as you are with any type of restoration.

Dr. Stéphane REINHARDT

Director Education Program, International Speaker

Dr. Frédéric POIRIER

Clear Aligner expert, International Speaker

Dr. Michaela SEHNERT

Clear Aligner expert, Germany, Austria, Switzerland et Asia
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